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Welcome to the GRiSP Global Rice Phenotyping Network 

The GRiSP Global Rice Phenotyping Network was initiated in 2011 to accelerate the discovery of useful genes and alleles for molecular breeding at a large scale. The Network brings together an international community of rice scientists to conduct a joint effort in enhancing the power of phenomics - the measurement of traits on plant populations carrying diversity - for important traits such as yield, resource use efficiency, and responses to major environmental stresses. To achieve this goal, all partners agree to work on the same diversity panels and share data to enable genome-wide association studies (GWAS) and analysis of G x E and trait x trait interactions.

Field and controlled-environment based phenomics experiments are ongoing in the Philippines, China, India, Senegal, Colombia, Brazil, and France. Laboratories in Australia, the U.S. and Japan also collaborate. 

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