Diversity Panels

The "immortalized", consensual 2K panel covering all O. sativa groups, as well as some populations from other Oryza species is used as a common platform by all partners. In this project, we restrict ourselves initially to two sub-panels: indica and tropical japonica, each with 300 accessions to capture the genetic diversity of each group. These are called PRAY panels as they were composed in the context of the "Phenomics of Rice Adaptation and Yield Potential (PRAY) project funded by GRiSP. To achieve full comparability between past and new results, these two sub-panels include a maximum of the GENPHEN and ORYTAGE panels previously phenotyped in other projects.

Aus and temperate japonica sub-panels can also phenotyped using the project's designs, but on the basis of different sources of funding. This also applies to phenotyping of O. glaberrima and inter-specific populations (e.g., chromosome segment introgression lines from CIAT).

The PRAY panels were composed to represent the genetic diversity at the sub-species level, including landraces of different geographic origin and agro-ecological adaptation, and also mega-varieties that have been successful in many world regions. The panels include also diverse, genetically stable breeding materials nominated by breeders at IRRI, CIRAD and their collaborating partners.