Phenotyping activities are conducted at the following field hubs, representing different climatic environments:

Yield potential (YP) Hubs:

YP1: Philippines, IRRI Los Baños (Low radiation; in wet season, warm, humid environment)
YP2: Philippines, PhilRice Maligaya (High radiation; in dry season, warm, humid environment)
YP3: India, PAU Ludhiana (High radiation; in dry season, hot, dry, long days)
YP4: India, Tamil Nadu Coimbatore (High radiation; in dry season, very hot and dry, with high risk of heat stress)
YP5: Colombia, CIAT Cali (Tropical mid-altitude, high potential environment)
YP6: Senegal, ARC Fanaye (Cool and hot seasons, accentuated by atmospheric aridity)
YP7: China (Temperate summer with long days)

Upland (Upl) Hubs:

Upl1: Colombia, CIAT Villavicencia (Favorable upland rice environment)
Upl2: Brazil, EMBRAPA Goiania (Drought environment)

Rainfed-lowland (RfLL) Hubs:

RfLL1: Benin, ARC Cotonou (Rice-Challenge Initiative (RCI) project's facility GCP funded)


Phenotyping activities are also conducted in the following specialized platforms:
  • IRRI GPS-guided field crop canopy sensor system, based on booms mounted on remote controlled tractors. (under S. Klassen) 
  • IRRI seedling salinity platform (under A. Ismail)
  • IRRI seedling submergence platform (under A. Ismail)
  • IRRI field submergence platform (under A. Ismail)
  • IRRI leaf anatomy platform (under P. Quick, C4 Rice Project)
  • Forthcoming: IRRI Plant Tray Scan robotized platform for plant leaf chlorophyll fluorescence and growth dynamics (under P. Quick, C4 Rice Project)
  • IRRI, CIRAD and CIAT facilities for NIRS (Near Infrared Spectroscopy) for high throughput plant tissue chemistry
  • IRRI HistoGrain facility for grain filling analysis (under M. Dingkuhn)
  • IRRI ORAC analytical facility for antioxidant activity of plant tissue juice (under M. Dingkuhn)
  • IRRI panicle architecture and stem internode anatomy imagery platform (under M. Dingkuhn) 
  • CIAT panicle imagery facility (under C. Rebolledo)
  • Flinders University (Australia) analytical chemistry platform (J. Stangoulis)
  • EMBRAPA High throughput drought platform in Brasil (under A. de Castro)
  • ARC heat and salinity platforms in Senegal (under B. Manneh)
  • CIRAD Rhizoscope platform for root structure and growth dynamics (under A. Audebert)